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Studio on the Square 

Studio on the Square
is committed to helping artists develop their work in book form. We continue the tradition of teaching elegant letterpress printing, as it has been handed down for over 5 centuries. Our intimate classes (most limited to 4 students) allow for individual attention much like an apprenticeship in Gutenberg's shop. With an emphasis on the Art of the Book, we encourage students to free up their thinking & experiment through their art. The Studio prides itself on cultivating creativity within a unique environment where artists engage in the rewarding processes of combining text and imagery. Our teachers are friendly professionals who have been practicing their Art for years. They are at home in the studio, generous with their knowledge, and eager to share yours. Open dialogue & process along with product, distinguishes Studio on the Square workshops (as does our refreshing snack time!). Try our classes in letterpress printing, intaglio, & bookbinding. We welcome Artists & students with all levels of interest and experience. Please call to inquire about the best class for your interests.

Email: . Ph: 917.412.4134

Get in touch with your Imagination & Creativity!

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(Please inquire about one-on-one tutorials and custom printing
for letterpress wedding invitations, business cards, announcements!)

(Please inquire about one-on-one tutorials and custom printing
for letterpress wedding invitations, business cards, announcements!)

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Studio on the Square - 32 Union Square East, Studio 310
917-412-4134 - -

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Ask about one-on-one Private Instruction
& Letterpress Business Consulting
Let us Customize a Tutorial that's right for you!

Comments on our consult: "We really enjoyed the rest of the weekend in the City. I am so glad to have taken the class with you and I appreciate the time and effort that went into putting it together for us. You enlightened us in many aspects of letterpress and the business of letterpress that we definitely couldn't have gotten on our own. I appreciate you sharing your experiences and opinions so candidly. I know all the information you provided will make our path that much easier. The four days spent in the City were so inspiring and unforgettable. Thank you again!"  - Pam

We've introduced hundreds of students to the Art of the Book
Read what students have to say about our Workshops:

"Thanks sooooo much for such a fabulous workshop.
It was really great to meet you and all the other wonderful people in class.
You are truly inspiring !!!!" - Cherie Z.

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Register Now for these Unique Book Arts Classes!

Learn twice as much in half the time
with unsurpassed individual instruction & crazy-small class sizes
at Studio on the Square! . .


with Mindy Belloff
(Beginning Letterpress)

Saturday, 2:30-5:00PM

$80 plus $30 studio fee

[Click here for more images]

Do it yourself as you make your own personalized stationery! Learn the elegant printing of the 15th century letterpress. You will hand set real metal type, understand the origins of our alphabet, learn press lock-up, & printing, as you run your own small edition on our vintage Vandercook Uni III. A great introduction to printing beautiful impressions! You will go home with a set of at least a dozen personalized notecards in type you set and printed yourself!

with Mindy Belloff
(Letterpress - All Levels)
February 23
$160 plus $40 studio fee

[Click here for more images]

: In this intensive you will have a block of time to print with metal and wood type. Create beautiful note cards, print a quotation, and work on an art poster - all in one day! Increase your knowledge of operating a Vandercook proof press, learning composition, inking and impression. A great way to begin or extend your letterpress journey, and sign up for future independent class sessions.

with Mindy Belloff
(Prints/Letterpress All Levels)
Sunday 10:00AM-3:00PM
February 24
$150 plus $40 materials fee

[Click here for images
of student work]

Create an image and print an edition in one day! Using a linoleum relief block, learn secrets for carving your image & print it in 1 or 2-colors in perfect registration on our letterpress. Image printing is demystified in this one-day workshop, as you create a print series in the studio. You will also be shown the "green" way to create additional images at home for your art prints and greeting cards.

Do it Yourself in Letterpress
with Mindy Belloff
(All Levels Letterpress)
5 eves, 6-9:30PM (ongoing, please inquire) also:
Mondays 11AM-2:30PM

$595 plus $40 studio fee

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Description: With close guidance, you will make your own personalized, custom wedding invitations as you learn to design your cards, hand set your text using “real” fonts from our metal foundry type collection, and print them with perfection, one at a time on our awesome press. You will gain an understanding of planning, paper qualities, and specialized printing. You will create a one-color main invitation + reply card for your special day, on paper you will choose on your own, and print them in elegant letterpress! If you would like to combine this with a design from your home computer, we will guide you in this too. This is perfect for a quantity of 50-100. If you are planning on a larger edition or complex design, you may rent additional time outside of class (please inquire).

(Suggested: Introduction to Letterpress)

with Mindy Belloff
(Letterpress All Levels)
Wednesday evenings, 6-9PM
3 sessions: $245 plus $35 studio fee

[Click here for images]

: Experiment with historic letterpress printing, as you set type by hand, in the 15th century tradition. Discover the elegance of working with moveable wood and metal type. Learn type composition, inking, impression, and press adjustment on the Vandercook printing press. Extend your current art making practice, integrating your own ideas and narrative elements into a broadside edition poster, postcard, greeting card, or print series. You may combine digital, photographic and painterly images utilizing multiple colors and overlays, and add lyrical writing and poetry, as you develop your individual projects. Come get your hands dirty, and make beautiful, multiple impressions!

with Mindy Belloff
(Letterpress All Levels)
6 Wednesday evenings, 6-9PM
(no class October 31)
$485 plus $35 studio fee

  Letterpress Sampler

: Delve into the world of letterpress in this awesome class. Whether you are just beginning or have some printing experience, you will discover an appreciation for working with movable metal and wood type as well as plates! We will begin by setting type and printing personal note cards on press.  Then we will move to wood type and experiment with hand printing multiple colors. You will pursue individual projects, which may include a variety of editions: poetry broadsides, wood edition posters, greeting cards, business cards, and/or print series. Students usually print a new project each week in this unique setting!  Experiment with combining digital images and learn about using your own files to create metal or polymer plates.  You will produce an amazing amount of work as you become comfortable on the Vandercook press, learning inking and adjustments as you create beautiful, multiple impressions!

Stationery, Greeting Cards, Art Prints, & More!
with Mindy Belloff
(Letterpress Printing All Levels)*
4 Wednesday eves, 6:00-9:00PM
$365 (+ outside plate costs)


: Polymer plates allow flexibility in printing image and text. Combine digital design with classic letterpress printing. Learn how to set up your computer files, consider typography and composition, and set up specs for plates. You will gain an understanding of multiple color printing. Complete a number of independent projects. In our Studio you usually print one project a week in one or two colors!   Many beginning students have printed numerous note cards, business cards and holiday cards, so come see what all the fuss is about! (Basic computer knowledge required of Word, Adobe PhotoShop, Illustrator, InDesign, or Quark - any program that you can savfe as a PDF!)

with Marianne Petit
(All Levels)
Saturday 10:00AM-4:00PM


 [Click here for more images]

: Explore the basics of paper engineering. Beginning with fundamental techniques, you will work step-by-step, advancing through more complex structures. From simple box supports, to v-folds and floating layers, you will learn how to use these techniques creatively in your books and cards.

with Mindy Belloff
(Letterpress - All Levels)
Saturday & Sunday, 10AM-4PM
$295 plus $40 studio fee

[Click here for more images]

: In this weekend you will explore basic to advanced hand typesetting. Whether you are a beginner discovering the elegance of working with movable metal and wood type, or more advanced, extending your current art making practice, you will have a block of time to experiment and create beautiful cards, prints, & art posters. You will also increase your knowledge of operating a Vandercook proof press.

with Mindy Belloff
(Bookbinding All Levels)
Tuesday & Thursday 11AM - 2:30PM
$190 plus $40 materials fee

 [Click here for more images]

: Learn to sew a blank book of multiple signatures in this classic, versatile codex binding. This is a great workshop for the beginner or more advanced binder. Working with archival papers (watercolor paper is optional), learn proper scoring and folding, the use of templates, and sewing techniques. Then case in your pages with archival boards and adhesives, creating a lovely silk wrapped hardcover book. A great structure for journal writings, drawings & collage.


with Mindy Belloff (Book Arts Level I)
Saturday & Sunday, 10AM-4:30PM


$310 plus materials fee $40

[Click here for more images]

Description: Combine text & images to effectively communicate ideas, emotions and stories in the form of an artist's book. For the binding component, you will make 4 different bookbinding structures.  You will also create a mock up book dummy as you plan a future project. For the printing component, you will set type, print letterpress on day one and create a drypoint image that you will print on our etching press on day 2. Printmaking processes will be demystified and digital techniques revealed. We will view and discuss over 50 artist books from the instructor's collection. The wealth of information in this weekend is like our 12-week semester in only two-days! You will emerge with a solid understanding of processes involved in producing an editioned book, your own book mock-up, and new ideas to jump start your artist's books and editions.

(Follow-up recommended: The Artist's
Book: A Personal Journey.)

with Mindy Belloff (Book Arts Level II)*
Eves. 6:00-9:00PM
* Dates Ongoing *
(please inquire)

 [Click here for more images]

: Turn your conceptual ideas into an incredible object, & expand your knowledge of designing & printing as you gain the skills to formulate your unique or editioned book. You will be guided to develop your vision & choose the best techniques for your project: wood or linoleum relief, drypoint, etching, typesetting, digital processes and/or polymer plate printing. Create an intimate artwork, explore narrative sequencing, & release your inner voice.


with Mindy Belloff
(Letterpress AII Levels)
5 Wednesday eves, 6:00-9:00PM
$365 plus $30 studio fee

[Click here for more images]

: Create classic looking broadsides with our wood & metal foundry type in the tradition of musical posters, poetry and art prints. You will learn how to print on our Vandercook press and will play with various hand printing techniques on and off press, creating colorful, painterly prints. Experiment with handmade papers, collage, and overprinting on existing images. Each student will create a series of prints or small edition broadside. A class print exchange is encouraged for a unique portfolio of prints.

with Mindy Belloff
(Bookbinding All Levels)
Saturday & Sunday 10AM-4:00PM
Weekend Intensive

$295 plus materials fee $40

[Click here for more images]

: A complicated box structure, in this weekend we will break it all down as you learn to measure, cut, and glue with precision, constructing a sturdy 2-tray clamshell box. This beautiful structure is an art object in itself. You may use it to house a rare book, artist book, album, or portfolio of prints. Trays will be lined with Japanese papers and the box will be covered in silk bookcloth. The size will be approximately 6" x 8".

(Recommended: Bookbinding)

with Mindy Belloff
(Book Arts Level III)*
Inquire: eves. 6-9PM
* Dates Ongoing *

[Click here for more images]  

: From the historic to the digital and back again, continue your mastery of book arts techniques, as you become more proficient in your use of the Vandercook letterpress and your ability to combine text with various printing processes. Continue your personal journey & develop a discriminating eye, as your book ideas become reality!

{Required: The Art of the Book weekend intensive}


with Mindy Belloff
(Book Arts/Letterpress All Levels)
Weekend Intensive F/S/S
Friday 6-8PM, Sat & Sun 10AM-4PM
$340 plus materials fee $35

[Click here for more images]

: In the tradition of the hand printed, illustrated book a la Gutenberg, print a series relief blocks with 3 pages of text. Learn all phases of creating & printing an image: designing, planning, & transferring the image; cutting the blocks; mixing colored inks; and operating a press. You will set your text in metal foundry type and print it on the letterpress. In this intensive, you will make beautiful impressions in 2-colors, completing 10 printed books!


with Mindy Belloff
(Beginning Book Arts)
Saturday 10:00AM-5:00PM
$150 plus materials fee $30

    [Click here for more images]

Description: Print a small book edition in one day, combining text & image with hand printing & waterbased inks. Even if you have never made an image before, you will gain confidence and amaze yourself and your friends when you show off your very own book! Create and design your image, learn to transfer the image, plan the printing sequence, carve a soft block, and print it by hand with a brayer and waterbased inks. Each letter of text will be set in rubber fonts. Collage elements will be encouraged. Soon you'll have no more blank books collecting dust on the shelf. All aspects of this green printshop can be re-created at home!

Come see us & view our Collaborative
& Fine Press artist's books & letterpress printed broadsides
at Pyramid Atlantic November 2012

at MoMA PS1 for The New York Art Book Fair
September 29-October 2, 2011

22-25 Jackson Ave. at the intersection of 46th Ave.
Long Island City, NY - Free and open to the public

3rd Floor # O28
Preview Thurs, Sept 29 6-9pm, Fri, Sat, Sun 11am-7pm

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at the Oak Knoll Book Fair in Delaware
October 2-3, 2010

Sunday, September 12, 2010 at the Brooklyn Book Fair!
Brooklyn Borough Hall 10am-6pm



Artist Mindy Belloff, mixed media installation and book artist, has also taught at the New School University Writing Program, Metropolitan Museum, School of Visual Arts, Center for Book Arts, Pyramid Atlantic, & WSW. Permanent collections include the British Library, Library of Congress, & National Museum for Women in the Arts; MacDowell Fellow; 2003 NEA Book Grant recipient.

Artist Steven Daiber, book artist (Red Trillium Press), printmaker, & student of nature; taught at Hampshire College & various print shops in Cuba & Vietnam in lithography, silkscreen, etching and woodcut; private & public collections.

Artist Katrina Kiapos studied photography in Prague, Czech Republic, and bookbinding in San Francisco. She is perfecting her binding skills at the North Bennet Street School in Boston. In her free time she weaves spines and searches for books in need of repair at her local bookshops. 

Artist Joseph A. Osina, printmaker, book artist; book & paper conservator at NYPL; founding member of Manhattan Graphics Center; teaches monoptype, bookbinding and book restoration; art work exhibited internationally; collections include the Metropolitan Museum & Library of Congress.
(in memorium)

Marianne R. Petit is an Associate Arts Professor at New York University's Interactive Telecommunications Program at New York University where she teaches courses in digital media, animation, storytelling, and making pop-up books. Her art projects have appeared in festivals and exhibitions nationally and internationally; and been featured in numerous publications and networks including Wired Magazine, WGBY and the Independent Film Channel; and are included in numerous collections.

Artist Gaylord Schanilec, former artist in residence at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts; special collections include the Getty Museum, the British National Art Library, and NYPL.
Artist Rich Turnbull is Chair of the History of Art Dept at FIT. He lectures at the Museum of Modern Art and the Metropolitan Museum. His artists' books utilize layered text and images using letterpress, silkscreen, and collage elemenets

  REGISTRATION: You may register by mail, or reserve a place by e-mail or phone. Register early, as space is limited. Full payment reserves your place in class and is due in full before the start of a workshop. Please fill out the Registration Form and send with check payable to: Intima Press, LLC Mail to: 32 Union Square East, Suite 310, New York, NY 10003. Or, PayPal payment to E-mail questions to, or call to inquire at 917-412-4134. We're happy to recommend the right workshop for you! Please click on PDF File below for Registration Form & class listing.

  Cancellation/Refund Policy: Tuition is non-refundable for cancellations less than 7 days before class. Cancellations more than 7 days before start of class, tuition is refundable minus $40 processing fee. If class is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, you will be advised and fully refunded.

  SUPPLIES: The cost of ink, solvent, rags, and proof paper are included in tuition. Students are expected to supply their own basic hand tools, or may purchase a bone folder or linocut tool from the Studio. *Additional plate and paper costs may be incurred, depending upon your individual project.

  EQUIPMENT: Studio equpiment includes a Vancercook Universal III automatic motorized letterpress with adjustable press bed - max. sheet size 18 x 28 for printing linocut, woodcut, engraving plates, photopolymer plates, wood & metal type; antique foot-pedal press (turn-of-the-century, clamshell style) 9x12 chase; Golding Official clamshell press 4x6; Ettan Etching Press; Book press; Precision electric guillotine; Great selection of lead foundry type, monotype, wood type, ornaments; Library of artist's books, book exhibition catalogues, chapbooks, and books on typography.

  STUDIO RENTAL: Studio & press rental available to students in good standing.

  STUDIO POLICIES: All policies of the Studio are subject to the sole discretion of Intima Press LLC, Studio on the Square, its managers, and members.

  LOCATION: The Studio is located at 24-32 Union Square East, on Park Avenue South, between 15th & 16th Street, on the 3rd Floor, Studio #310. Trains: 4, 5, 6, L, N, Q, R, W to 14th Street, Union Square. Buses: M 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9, 14, 101, 102, 103.

  ACCOMMODATIONS: Planning to spend the weekend in the City? Ask us about our recommendation for accommodations just around the corner from the Studio!

  CALL: Please call the Studio 917-412-4134 to inquire about the best classes for your interests.
(Please note: There are no Studio Hours open to the public - By Appointment Only.)

Studio on the Square:
An Intimate Setting for Learning

32 Union Square East, Studio 310
New York, NY 10003



Vandercook Universal III A/B Letterpress

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