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On Bosch's Garden of Earthly Delights
Limited Edition Book In Progress, 2011.
Etching and letterpress printing on handmade cotton rag papers,


The Phaistos Disk
Ed 20.; 12 inch circle; 2011
Leltterpress printed in approximately 10 layers with grey, silver, tan and gold inks, on 100% handmade cotton rag paper by St. Armand of Montreal.

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Arachne Transformed
Poet Ovid, spider illustration Gustave Dore

3.5 x 5, 2010
Poet Ovid, with spider illustration of Gustave Dore
Letterpress printed images and text, Double sided accordion fold book, Black wrappers with gold thread

Special Price $75 Order:

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It's My Turn

Letterpress printed with hand inking, set in Wood type.

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Meditations on Bachelard's Poetics of Space
Ed less than 30.; 10 1/2" x 7 1/4"
Studio on the SQ Letterpress Book Collective

Letterpress printing, digital output, stenciling,linocut and stampling on architectural papers; 2010. Introductory Price $280: Order:

Words…are little houses  Bachelard ruminates on images of intimacy, addressing the poetics of the house both psychoanalytically and phenomenologically: from the body of the house as a metaphor for the human soul, to the things contained in a house, to intimate spaces and relativity of size.  Seven artists created a response each to a chapter of the book, on pages which are actual architectural renderings. These sheets provided an instant ground for the creation of layered narratives.  While a number of chapters have a quiet feel, others announce themselves in large shapes and vivid colors that mostly obliterate the layers below. The final compilation demonstrates a lovely element of surprise, the beauty of the hand, and intimate variations on the poetics of space.

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Ed 30.; 7 1/2" x 5 1/4"
Letterpress printed text, Images digitally printed; Red leather spine, Etched metal covers

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A memorial tribute, the call letters W-2-L-Z-X belonged to the artist's Uncle, a ham radio operator for over 60 years. He was a radio operator aboard a B-17 bomber in WWII and a pioneer in early communications. "W2LZX" is composed of nostalgic photographs and collaged QSL cards logged by ham radio operators, with personal and historic text. From Morse Code transmissions to computer electronics, hams have made significant contributions to international and mass communications. The stories of W2LZX and others like him resonate culturally, historically, and personally.

W2LZX fine press edition, received an Honorable Mention for Excellence in Book Design from the University of Texas, exhibition February 2010. See the blog at the Fine Press Book Association ( ).

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Letterpress printed from our Wood Type Collection. Variety of sizes and unique printings.

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In the Second Place
Poet, Janet Frame

Introductory Price $90 + shipping Order:

Ed. 30, 4 x 7"; 2009

Letterpress printed text and i mages with digital printing on Rives BFK gray.

"From the first place of liquid darkness..."

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The Bite of Remembrance

Joel Gold , Poet

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Ed. 20, 11" x 15"; 2009

Letterpress printed 3-color+hand inking, set in Wood type & Cochin metal type on Arches rag paper.


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There are books so alive...
Poet, Marina Tsvetaeva (1892-1941)

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Ed. 30, 7"x 14.5"; 2009

Suminagaashi marbling on Bugra papers, Text hand set in Lydian and letterpress printed.

"There are books so alive that you're always afraid that while you weren't reading, the book has gone and changed, has shifted like a river..."

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End of April
Miniature Sculptural Book
2 1/2" x 2"; c. 2007/8
Poet, Phillis Levin
, Artist, Mindy Belloff
Special Deluxe Edition of 25, $1,600.

Fine letterpress printed miniature book on custom handmade Cave papers; Sculpture: Hand blown glass egg with robin’s egg blue & gold leaf by Kevin Shluker; Box: Custom 4 1/2” cube crafted of holly & cherry woods by Rainer Facklam.

After four years of planning, Intima Press is proud to announce a new sculptural book edition. Noted poet Phillis Levin’s delicate lament End of April is brought to life by artist Mindy Belloff. The viewer is lured by a custom cube crafted of fine holly & cherry woods. Upon opening the box, a precious book is found nested inside an elegantly hand blown glass egg which rests comfortably in one’s hand. The miniature book, with poem letterpress printed on handmade papers, opens to reveal the beauty of nature and heartache of lost love.

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Quotes of Barack Obama
from the 2008 Campaign &
Inauguration Speech of 2009

Ed. 50, 6 x 4.75"; 8-page, 2009

Hand set & letterpress printed on Mohawk papers with Bugra wrappers.

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"You can put lipstick on a pig. It's still a pig."

"Focusing your life solely on making a buck shows a certain poverty of ambition. It asks too little of yourself. Because it's only when you hitch your wagon to something larger than yourself that you realize your true potential."

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The Cliffs of Mistake
Ed. 50, 6 1/2" x 5"; 2006
Images from original watercolor paintings; Letterpress printed from photopolymer plates; Text set in Bembo Italic on Johannot papers with Bugra wrappers & handmade St. Armand cover pages; Poet, Molly Peacock, c. 2005.

Price $165:  Order:

"To know you're making a mistake as
you make it, yet not be able to stop . . ."

Molly Peacock, Poet and creative nonfiction writer, author of five books of poetry; recent Poet-in-Residence of the American Poets Corner; former President of the Poetry Society of America;

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Moving Ahead
Rainer Maria Rilke, Poet
Ed. 20, 9.5" x 14"; 2009
Open bite copper plate etching with letterpress printed text, 2-color, poem set in Cochin.

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"Once more my deeper life goes on with more strength,
as if the banks through which it moves had widened out.
Trees and stones seem more like me each day,
and the paintings I see seem more seen into:
with my senses, as with the birds, I climb
into the windy heaven out of the oak,
and in the ponds broken off from the blue sky
my feeling sinks, as if standing on fishes."

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Typographical Errors
Geof Hewitt, Poet
Ed. 50, 12.5" x 15.5"; 2008
Letterpress printed 7-color, poem set in Wood type & Bodoni metal type on Mohawk cover.

Price $90 + shipping Order:

"Don't let them bother you, she said.
After all, those are just worlds."

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The Wonder Wheel at Coney Island
P.F. Witte, Poet
Ed. 100, 10" x 8"; 2008
Letterpress printed 4-color from original digital design, hand set in Kabel metal type.

Price $40 + shipping Order:

"High up on the Wonder Wheel, the two of us
in one of its many cages,
we are mermaids born in the green-bron of the Atlantic
...And we, so far above all this, ride a mechanical ocean... "

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The Mountain of NO
Mindy Belloff, Poet
Ed. 40, 18" x 14"; 2006
Letterpress printed 4-color from
photopolymer plates on Magnani blue papers.

Price $90 + shipping Order:

"Climbing the Mountain of NO
who knows why I cling each time
suspended on the precipice of NO...
scrambling on the bungee below

. . .
Ironic in second sight,
remembering that ominous flight . . . ."

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A Satyr Against Marriage
Ed. 100, 10" x 8"; 2006
Letterpress printed 2-color, from original digital design, 2-color; Text from an anonymous author, book entitled "A Satyr Against Marriage," printed in London in 1700, from the collection of the New York Public Library.

Price $40 + shipping Order:

"O friend, continue in your rural air, Nor tempt our sultry town,
nor sullen fair, . Live happy in a quiet single life,
Hunt foxes, wolves, but shun the Marriage Strifes.
. . . Conjur'd to one, a double helpless thing,
By the strange Circle of a Wedding Ring."


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The Lovers Discourse Can Only Be Horizontal after Roland Barthes
Deborah Landau, Poet
Ed. 80, 8" x 10"; 2006
Letterpress printed, 2-color

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"I was ruminating in a January of park
mild and bare branched
gray entourage of buildings
and the skyline how I like it
pressing up against my neck

your tongue in my mouth was the main thing
as we reclined on the hillside
and the taxi cabs drifted down . . .

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Chapter XXOO
Ed. 20, 15-page Accordion Fold
10" x 5" each page; c. 2004

Letterpress printed from photopolymer plates; Asahi white covers

A tongue-in-cheek poem commenting on the artist's experience of dating and gender relations.

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Broken Ground
Ed. 30, 9-page Accordion Fold; 12 1/2" x 9 1/2" each page; 2003; Images from original watercolor, gouache, ink, and pigment paintings (1992); Digitally printed with archival pigmented inks on acid-free Somerset Velvet papers; covers on Asahi white book cloth; Inside a unique white fabric and red silk covering.

Broken Ground is an eruption of spontaneous writing interwoven throughout bold painting. Nine diary entries meditate on lost loves, youthful desire, and a struggle for self-knowledge. The shifting moods of the Artist's prose, embedded in paintings composed of ink blots, splotches of color, and a maze of personal iconography, draws the viewer into a world at once unique and universal, in this evocative quest for emotional growth and insight.


Unique Glass Sculptural Book; 2003
6-pages, each panel 6" x 4"
Etched glass;
Sterling silver binding 

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Ten Reflections on Rainer Maria Rilke's Duino Elegies
Ed. 40, 10" x 7", c. 2002
Images from original gouache, ink, and pigment paintings (1997);
Digitally printed with archival pigmented inks on textured rag paper with handpainting; Leather spine; Indian paper covers with handpainting; Flat adhesive binding by Judith Ivry; Text translation by David Oswald

The vivid language of Rilke's Duino Elegies is uniquely revealed in the bold, elegant paintings of book artist Mindy Belloff. After reading the Elegies for many years, the artist meditated on one a month. Ten Reflections emerged from a visualization of the poet's words, which are interwoven throughout. Rilke's expressions of despair, love, fear, and solitude begins, "Who, if I cried out would hear me then..."

Unique Glass Book; 6" x 4"; c. 2003
Etched glass covers; Paper pages with sewn coptic binding

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Caught inside a dream unfolding
Edition 18, 18-page; 7 1/2"x 11 1/2"; c. 1999
Text: Photopolymer plates typeset in Univers
Images: Letterpress printed engraving plates & linoleum cut blocks with hand painting. Paper: Stonehenge & Thai. Bound in gold book cloth inside a deep ochre slip cover.
Poem, images and binding by the artist

Through poetry and images, Caught weaves the story of the artist, her Mother, and the mythical Gorgon, representing the cancer that took her Mother's life. The edition communicates a powerful struggle both psychological and physical, involving intense feelings and intimate memories, past pain, present healing, and future hope.

      . . . wishes, dreams, transformations . . .

See also:

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The Distant Light of Paris
Edition 12, 7 3/4" x 6", c. 2000
Accordion Book: Eight photo transfers from original gouache and watercolor paintings;
Beautifully printed on Rives BFK; Title page letterpress printed; Inside blue clam shell box

The Distant Light of Paris was created from original watercolors, while the artist was in Paris. The images emerged as internal landscapes and reflected the light of the City.

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The Blue Ridge: Seven Meditations
Edition 5, 19" x 14"; c. 1998/9
Seven monoprints on handmade paper housed in cobalt blue clam shell portfolio; Title page letterpress printed

The Blue Ridge - Seven Meditations is a book of monoprints created in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. They reflect the country and record seven days of emotional states, as I shed the stresses of the City and merged with the ebbs and flows of nature.

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Another Day
Edition 15, 3 3/4" x 3 3/4", c. 1999
Images: Linocut and letterpress printed
Text: by Joel Gold; set on photopolymer plates

Another Day is a letterpress printed edition of text with linocut. Incorporating the words of poet Joel Gold, this small book speaks to the details and hardships of daily life, as we wake up, fight our fears, and have an opportunity to begin again, "as time binds [us] to another day . . ."

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I am my own worst anxiety
Edition 10, 7" x 10"; c. 1998
Photographs with text digitally printed on translucent Thai paper; Unique sewn binding; Salago orange covers; Inside clam shell box with red silk cloth and Moriki red trays

I am my own worst anxiety is a book of photographic self-portraits with text digitally printed. The translucent paper creates a kind of afterimage when the page is turned. This private monologue whispers: I exhaust myself ~ Trying to dodge my shadows ~ Constantly shedding my skin ~ Too concerned about the future ~ Trying to focus on now ~ To be . . .

I am my own worst anxiety inspired a longer text which was recorded in a layered audio on a 6-minute loop. See mixed media Installations: "And we always thought we were the normal ones..." (1999).

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Edition 15, 3-3/4" x 2-5/8"; c. 1998
Handset type and Images letterpress printed
Images: Linocut with pochoir and hand painting
Text: Vol. 1 from Kafka's Metamorphosis
Vol. 2 the artist's response from a dream; Inside gray slipcase

Transmutation contains the first line of Kafka's Metamorphosis in Volume 1: "As Gregor Samsa awoke one morning from uneasy dreams he found himself transformed in his bed into a gigantic insect" and the artist's answer to the text by way of a dream, in Volume 2. The book speaks of the power of dream imagery to inform and transform.

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The Excision
Edition 10; 7" x 9 1/2"; c. 1997 [5 black/5 beige]
Images: drawing on photographs mounted on Columbe handmade paper; Text: Laser printed on vellum; Stab binding; Title stitched into black covers

The Excision is a diaristic photo narrative. The self-portraits were taken after a surgical procedure on the artist's breast, and are combined with text from journal entries. The artist drew on the photographs as a way to come to terms with medical terminology, the new incision in her body, and the anxiety of the unknown.

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