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NEW Fall 2006

Intima Press
Poetry Broadside Competition

Intima Press announces its 2006 Poetry Broadside Competition. Poems will be chosen and published as a limited edition letterpress print. Submit typed 1-2
page poem, entry form, $15 reading fee. Deadline November 30, 2006. Intima Press Broadside Entry, 32 Union Square East, Studio 310, NY, NY 10003. See
detailed guidelines below.

November 30, 2006 postmark


INTIMA PRESS invites submissions to the Printed Broadside Competition

One or more winning poems will be chosen. The winning writer(s) will be awarded with the publication of a beautifully designed, letterpress-printed, edition broadside, limited to 100 copies, 10 of which are reserved for the author.



Poets must be 18 years of age or older.

Manuscripts must be postmarked (no e-mail submissions) by November 30, 2006.

Manuscripts will not be returned.

Submit typed poetry manuscript of 1-2 pages including previous publishing acknowledgements.

Up to 2 poems or short prose– up to two-pages long

Send Entry Form with submission (Information or PDF Below)

Fees: Enclose a non-refundable reading fee of $15 (US). Make check or money order payable to “Intima Press, LLC”

This call for submissions is equal opportunity - open to any writer/poet at any level of their writing career. Please send a short paragraph of Writer's Statement or Bio (we want to know a little bit about who you are). We are not interested in a professional resume, only your text submmission.

Include the following information:

Name: ____________________________________ Age _______

Address: __________________________________________________________________

City:__________________ ____ State: __________________ Zip: ____________

Phone: _____________________ or ______________________ Fax: _____________________

E-mail: _____________________ Website: _____________________


Author Name: ________________________________________________

Title of Work: ________________________________________________

1-Page Poem _______ 2-Page Poem _______

Year of Completion: _____________

How did you hear about this poetry competition?

Mail manuscripts and reading fee to:
Intima Press
32 Union Square East, Studio 310
New York, NY 10003

No calls please and no e-mail entries. If you would like confirmation of receipt of your entry, include a return, self addressed, stamped postcard.
Winner(s) will be contacted and posted on our website. This is a juried competition. There are no cash awards.
You are applying for an opportunity to have your words published as art, under the imprint of INTIMA PRESS, Finely Printed Limited Press Edition.

The Printed Word

What is a broadside?
Broadsides are poster-like prints, where text, or text with image, are printed on a single page. Its historic uses have been expanded in contemporary art practices & artists’ collaborations with poets. Artist, Mindy Belloff at Intima Press, will create an edition of your text printed letterpress on archival printmaking paper, in the 15th-century tradition of letterpress. Your words will be printed on our vintage Vandercook Uni III press, which renders beautiful impressions of your words.

What is Letterpress?

The beginning of printing movable type on a printing press dates back to the 15th century and is credited to Johann Gutenberg, who created the first printed Bible in the 1450’s. Letterpress printing now, more than 500 years later, still produces the most readable, elegant text, as 3-dimensional type or a relief plate is pressed into a high quality paper. With the commonality of computers, we forget the origins of type faces and fonts originally drawn by a scribe, cut and cast one letter at a time, with each letter set by hand, proofed, inked, and printed on a press. At Intima Press, we honor the labor and elegance of past traditions and print each design by hand, with the greatest care and attention to detail in this unique process. Our designs are a union of art historical traditions and modern design. Artist, Mindy Belloff has been making art for over 25 years and printing letterpress for over a decade. She brings a high aesthetic and discriminating eye to her artwork and will design a broadside to reflect the beauty of your words.

Please visit our website:
See images of our Fine Printed Artist's Books and growing Broadside Editions
Ask about our Custom Letterpress Printed Wedding Invitations and Announcements

Studio on the Square in New York City offers Book Arts and Printing Workshops

Intima Press & Studio on the Square
32 Union Square East, Studio 310
New York, NY 10003

Hours by Appointment Only

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