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W2LZX, Ed. 30, 7 1/2" x 5 1/4", letterpress printed text, images digitally printed, red leather spine, etched metal covers.

A memorial tribute, the call letters W-2L-Z-X belonged to the artist's Uncle, a ham radio operator for over 60 years and a pioneer in early communications. W2LZX is composed of nostalgic photographs and collaged QSL cards logged by ham radio operators, with personal and historic text.From Morse Code to computer electronics,hams have made significant contributions to international and mass communications.

W2LZX was acquired this year by the Library of Congress & the British Library. It was reviewed by David Pankow in the October edition of Parenthesis. W2LZX received Honorable Mention this month for book design and fine printing, and will be on exhibit at the University of Texas at El Paso in February 2010.

& re-created, hand set & letterpress printed by artist Mindy Belloff in 2010

WE hold these truths to be self-evident. . .

In January 1777, Congress commissioned Mary Katharine Goddard to print 13 copies of the Declaration, one for each of the colonies in the newly

first letterpress printing to reveal the identity of the signers. Goddard put herself at risk for treason by printing the Declaration and also choosing to add her name to it. She was clearly a courageous Daughter of Liberty and proponent of freedom of the press. To honor this printer, publisher of newspapers, and Postmistress of Baltimore for 14 years, artist Mindy Belloff has reproduced Goddard’s elegant two-column design, hand set over 7,500 characters in Caslon typeface as the original, and letterpress printed them one at a time on paper made specifically for the historic re-creation in a limited edition of 100. In 2010, an unambiguous, all-inclusive edition will be published proclaiming, “all People are created equal,” instead of “all Men.”

Published this December with essays by the artist and noted historians,David Armitage and Martha King, the facsimile has been acquired by private and public colle ions including the

Jefferson Library, New York Historical Society, and Library of Congress edition is currently available for

talk at Brown University in March for Women’s History Month, and other events around this fine printing.

Letterpress Book Editions in 2009 include: In the Second Place with text by Janet Frame, and Quotes of Barack Obama.

2009 Broadside Editions include: The Bite of Remembrance letterpress printed text; Marina Tsvetaeva quote with suminagashi marbling and letterpress text; & Rainer Maria Rilke’s poem Moving Ahead with copper plate etching and letterpress printed text, recently acquired by the Harvard University Poetry Collection.