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Intima Press


Student Comments:

"Thanks so much for a great day yesterday. You are a great teacher and your studio is a wonderful place to work. Thanks again."
- Lane M. (Printing without a Press)

"The class was great. I was immediately put at ease and I came home with an edition of four books of text and image in a one day course! With Mindyıs guidance, I produced a book that really surprised me in terms of content, form and aesthetic." - Terri M. (Printing without a Press)

"I really love your set-up and look forward to taking more classes there. I LOVED letterpress printing. I thought the workshop was extraordinary, and I certainly appreciate all the extra help you provided."
- Pam M. (Miniature Book Edition)

"I really enjoyed the workshop and am planning a broadside using the same material." ­ Cecile K. (Miniature Book Edition)

"THANK YOU for such a wonderful class. And, also for creating such a warm, non-competitve printing experience. It's just what I needed . . ." - I.G. (Linocut Edition)

"I enjoyed the class tremendously & I'm hoping to take another class soon."
- Catherine E. (Printing without a Press)

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